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Our Alarm Systems...

PIR - These systems are fitted with a minimum of hidden or discreet wiring.  This type of technology detects an intruder using the recognition of body heat and movement.  This type of system is designed to be used when you are out of the house or in bed.  Typical installation cost would be from £195 - £500.

External Alarms - This is available as an upgrade or “from scratch” installation with discreet wiring to external detectors.  These systems are very versatile and can detect an intruder as they cross the boundary of your property.  They are immune to wildlife and pets and are capable of covering flat roof areas, patios, garden sheds, car parking areas as well as driveways, etc.  For a full-scale installation, special control equipment has been developed to allow the system to be permanently armed whilst also allowing access via a pre-determined route for visitors and deliveries.  Such access is monitored by the system which will detect any activity deemed to be hostile.  The system can even tell you where the intruder is and in which direction they are travelling.  The system can activate a voiced warning of your choice, floodlights and/or siren.  This system can be used at any time with no restriction of movement inside your home.  Typical installation cost would be from £400 for a single set of detectors, or you can have a wireless installation.

Self-Monitoring - The alarm system can be programmed to telephone you on your mobile, contact a friend or family member if an attempt has been made on your home. There are no on-going costs for this service once installed at approximately £195.  By comparison, monitoring to the emergency services can cost in the region of £300 per year, plus central station response charges and increased servicing costs!