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Insurance Discounts for Domestic Alarm Systems

Issues to consider before claiming a discount from your insurer are:

1 - The saving on your policy may be outweighed by the additional costs incurred which may include a NACOS certificate.

2 - The savings may be under £30 on some policies but the annual mandatory service to the system could be substantially more than the saving.

3 - You will be required to use your alarm in accordance with your insurers’ dictates.  Failure to do so by any member of the family could result in your claim being declined or at the best the imposition of a much higher insurance excess.

For these reasons we recommend not accepting a discount

granted as a result of your burglar alarm installation.

We aim to take great care on ALL work undertaken and to find out your exact needs so that the installed system meets YOUR high standards for neat workmanship, product quality and performance. Our pricing policy pledges us to be extremely competitive at all levels of installation from £195 upwards.  We use only the highest quality professional equipment.  If you’re looking for quality, you will find us hard to beat - after all, our aim is to attract your repeat business.

These systems use battery powered detectors communicating with control systems.  The advantage of no wiring is far outweighed by the potential disadvantages. For example, interference from other wireless transmissions which can cause blocking of the detector transmissions and keyfob arm/disarm functions.  Another disadvantage is the constant renewing of the batteries.  The cumulative cost of these can be quite substantial over the lifetime of the system.  It is our considered opinion that in most instances, a professionally fitted wired system should not create any mess or visible wiring and will give a low cost and reliable service.  However, there are occasions when wireless detectors are the correct choice.  Please ask for advice.

Wireless Alarm Systems

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