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Alarm Doctor Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

All System Breakdowns means:

failure of any component, however caused, except in circumstances outlined in the Benefits page

Loss of Control Over Internal/External Sirens means:

all sirens will be replaced where necessary when they cannot be turned off through the usual control system.  Siren faults caused by battery failure are covered in the Benefits page

All Siren Replacement means:

any internal or external sirens connected to the control panel

All Control Equipment Replacement means:

any equipment used to set the alarm system - control panels or remote triggers

All Internal Detectors means:

detectors housed in the main body of the property and wired up to the control panel

Free Priority Call-Out means:

takes precedence over all other types of Alarm Doctor activity.  Call out is free for the cover outlined in the first section on the Benefits page

Free Labour Charges means:

labour charges free for the cover outlined in the first section of the Benefits page

50% Off All Our Replacement Parts means:

50% off our prevailing retail price

24 Hour Service means:

emergency repair service

50% Off Replacement Systems means:

50% off our prevailing retail price (available on demand)

Every three years an option to upgrade your system with the latest technology discounted by 50%. An optional annual service can be arranged for an additional £12.00 (plus parts at a 50% discount)


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